BelGioioso Cheese Parmesan Wedge, $9.49/lb


Aged for 10 months in special caves, this cheese lends a sweet and nutty, full-bodied flavor and mouthwatering aroma. Perfect for shredding, sprinkle this cheese onto russet potato wedges with garlic powder and bake for a delectable side dish or appetizer at your catering event, or use to create a bruschetta full of Tuscan flavors, or blend with fontina cheese to offer a popular and profitable spinach artichoke dip on your appetizer menu.

Made with natural ingredients and rBST-free milk, this cheese is superior in taste and freshness. Its hard texture is versatile in application, and it can be cut into cubes, grated, shredded, or melted. This parmesan cheese is perfect for having on-hand in your high-volume italian restaurants, cafes, and pizzerias.


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