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Ko-opShop is an online store for George Washington University students founded by two GW MBA graduates with the promise of beating the prices anywhere else.

Here at Ko-opShop, our team is working hard every day to make sure you get your consumables cheaper than any store out there with only a few clicks from your computer or phone. You are probably wondering how much cheaper. We have done the comparison for every product on our website for you and listed the retail price as crossed out price. Feel free to compare our prices to Amazons’ or to products in any of the stores around campus and find out the savings for yourself.

Ko-opShop doesn’t only offer better prices, but also free delivery. You don’t need to carry heavy items from Wholefoods, Trader Joe’s or CVS back to your dorm or pay shipping fees on Amazon. We will deliver your purchases for free to your dorm the following day of placing your order.

We believe you deserve to do something fun with the time and money that you save with Ko-opShop, like watching that movie with friends that you have had in mind for a while.

What People Say


I’ve saved so much money with this! This really has brought the power back to the people.

Phil Chili

Perfect for that extra income!

I’ve just started as a building ambassador and not only me and my community have saved on our weekly grocery purchases but I am making an extra income that has helped me a lot!

Alberto Granados
Building Ambassador

Being a student I have a very tight budget, purchase power has helped me and my classmates save a lot of money that I can now use elsewhere.


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